Regardless of whether you are an innovation leader, a start-up or a provider of alternative solutions:
So that you remain or become a leader in your field, we support you in
protecting your investments in innovations,
building strong brands and
defending your company's freedom to operate.


...look for ways, those, who don't, look for reasons. Disruptive innovations, breaking with the traditional - successful companies must and want to constantly face new challenges. And we want to support you in this - with taylor-made IP strategies, solution-oriented advice and additional services such as IP audits and work-around checks.


With about 70 patent attorneys and IP professionals across Europe from various technical fields and 150 highly qualified specialists from 23 countries, we help you in obtaining, enforcing and licensing your own intellectual property rights and in defending your company against unjustified claims - in Germany, Europe and worldwide.



We are a medium-sized intellectual property law firm and part of a pan-European network. In Germany, we offer advice on all aspects of intellectual property (like patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, software protection, German employed inventors act) in our offices in the economic and innovation conurbations of Duisburg/Ruhr and Munich. For more details, just click on the following pictures.

Technology - AI - Design - Brand

We accompany and moderate innovation processes - starting from brainstorming with the inventors and analysing the market, via obtaining national and international intellectual property rights, to the active use, defense, licensing and enforcement of these rights.

IP Audits
IP Audits
IP auditing & strategic IP management

Inventing with an eye to the future. Avoiding dangers of disruptive innovations. Having control instead of being controlled. What is the state of your IP rights portfolio? Is the cost-benefit ratio optimized, and your IP strategy still up-to-date? How do your competitors act? Our IP audit is set out to strategically align IP processes and make innovations measurable.

IP Audits
Infringement of IP rights
Infringement of IP rights
Infringement & Nullification of IP rights

In the case of IP litigation, substantial values are at stake for both parties. Our international litigation team led by patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer supports you in stopping infringement quickly and efficiently, successfully fending off attacks on your company and limiting any damages.

Infringement of IP rights

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