Granting License – Taking Licenses

Property rights are prohibition rights – they prohibit use. Why not allow use in return for a license fee? For years, a well-known hardware manufacturer has regularly generated far more profit from licensing intellectual property than from selling its core products. Many patents languish unused, although third parties would be happy to use the technology without competing with the patent holder. And often, licensing discussions result in amazing win-win situations: one has a great product, the other has well-managed sales channels. Contact us – we design solution-oriented license agreements. Guaranteed.


You develop in AI and other software? You want your investments to be well protected? Contact us – we are one of the world’s leading law firms in the field of computer-implemented inventions.

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Technical IP rights are among the most important instruments of our modern economy – for innovation leaders and for providers of alternative solutions. Patents and utility models not only protect investments in research and development, they are also crucial when freedom to operate is at stake.

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Trademarks evoke emotions and bring products to life. Trademarks make your goods and services recognizable and are synonyms for the good reputation of your company. No compromises – your trademarks are worth professional protection against imitation and dilution.

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Good design combines aesthetics and functionality. Good design makes products unique and recognizable. Good design will attract imitators – we protect good design.

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