No matter whether you develop intensively in your field and are an innovation leader, open up new markets as a start-up company or offer attractive solutions as a supplier of compatible products for consumers: So that you remain or become a leader in your field, we support you in

protecting your investments in innovations,
building strong brands
finding workaround solutions, and
defending your company’s freedom to operate.


Generally, anything worth copying is worth protecting. But there are also cases where secrecy is the better protection. We help to decide between both cases and to obtain protection rights – in Germany, in Europe and worldwide.

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If intellectual property rights are infringed, considerable values are often at stake for the property right holder and the alleged infringer. Our international litigation team led by patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer knows not only the rules, but also the exceptions.

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Creating freedom to operate and fending off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s freedom to operate is restricted, we quickly and competently examine possible courses of action to clear the path.

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IP processes and IP strategies should be checked regularly. What was good and successful yesterday may be outdated tomorrow. Is the cost-benefit ratio still appropriate? Do the IP strategy and IP portfolio still suit the long-term orientation of your company? Our IP audit provides clarity so that you can continue to lead the way.

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Law doesn’t have to be dry – our presentations and keynotes will make your employees and customers sit up and take notice, and dispel prejudices and misconceptions. An investment in education still brings the best interest, as Benjamin Franklin already knew.

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Can your IP rights be circumvented? And what is the value of your competitors’ rights? We put your and third party property rights to the test.

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