Infringement of IP rights


Intellectual property rights are infringed – sometimes unknowingly, sometimes intentionally. For both sides, the owner of the property right and the infringer, often substantial are at stake. In such situations, you need a team of experienced experts who not only know the rules, but also the exceptions. Our litigation team led by patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer conducts, monitors and supervises several dozen infringement proceedings every year. The technical, legal and international expertise of this team is regularly praised by our clients.


Starting from test purchases and the tracing of sale channels via synchronized seizures at trade fairs and borders to the destruction of counterfeit products, our litigation team attends to, conducts and monitors infringement proceedings for you to avert any damage to your company.


If you are accused of violating an IP right, your options for action must be examined promptly and competently. Quite often, the factual and legal situation is considerably more favorable for your company than it may sound in, e.g., a warning letter. Therefore, you should contact our litigation team before you sign a declaration to cease and desist.

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As a WIPO-accredited mediator, patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer helps parties that at least wish to explore win-win options. It is not uncommon that one party has competencies that could complement those of the other for the benefit of both. Patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer moderates consensus talks and helps both sides to come to a beneficial agreement.

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Creating freedom to operate and fending off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s freedom to operate is restricted, we quickly and competently examine possible courses of action to clear the path.


IP rights are prohibition rights – they prohibit use. Why not allow use in return for a license fee? Contact us – we will help you to draft fruitful license agreements.

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