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Intelligere, lat.: to understand – What can be understood can be explained. Is a program that learns but cannot understand or explain what it is doing actually intelligent? If computers are no longer programmed and trained in the classical way, but rather educated (by simply giving them certain rules, for example of those of chess or Go) and we do not even know what a program has learned in the end, can it still be protected? Innovative software concepts are no longer just decisive for sales, they are essential for survival. It is therefore all the more important to properly protect the corresponding investments. We support you in this.


Copyright and patent law complement each other in the field of software. One protects the form (the written code), the other the content (the programming idea). We help you finding the best IP strategy.

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Patenting software requires disclosing the program’s idea (the implemented technical method) but not the actual code. Whether secrecy is an option depends on the specific situation, as is the case with many innovative methods. We assist in finding the proper solution.

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Inventions in all areas of technology, and hence also computer-implemented inventions, have to meet certain criteria with regard to technicity, novelty and inventive step. We examine if your software can meet the basic requirements.

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IP rights are prohibition rights – they prohibit use. Why not allow use in return for a license fee? Contact us – we will help you to draft fruitful license agreements.


If intellectual property rights are infringed, considerable values are often at stake for the property right holder and the alleged infringer. Our international litigation team led by patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer knows not only the rules, but also the exceptions.


Creating freedom to operate and fending off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s freedom to operate is restricted, we quickly and competently examine possible courses of action to clear the path.

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