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Trademarks evoke emotions and bring products to life. Trademarks make your goods and services recognizable and are synonyms for the good reputation of your company. No compromises – your trademarks are worth professional protection against imitation and dilution.


We support you in developing trademarks and protecting them on a local, regional and global scale.

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Prior to your investments in developing a new trademark, we determine potential conflicts in the relevant markets in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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Most trademark offices do not check new trademarks for the existence of older rights. This leads to a situation in which trademarks, which are highly similar or even identical to yours, can be registered. We monitor the trademark registers and protect your trademarks from dilution.


IP rights are prohibition rights – they prohibit use. Why not allow use in return for a license fee? Contact us – we will help you to draft fruitful license agreements.

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If intellectual property rights are infringed, considerable values are often at stake for the property right holder and the alleged infringer. Our international litigation team led by patent attorney Ulrich Kreutzer knows not only the rules, but also the exceptions.

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Creating freedom to operate and fending off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s freedom to operate is restricted, we quickly and competently examine possible courses of action to clear the path.

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